In order for God to restore a person, a city, or a region, He needs someone who will surrender what they think is right to take on His ways.

His ways?

Israel knew His acts, but Moses knew His ways. (Psalm 103:7).

On a short trip around town, the way you get there doesn’t really matter. Many ways will work.

On a long road trip, however, to lose your way can cost you dearly. The longer the trip, the more important it is to know and follow the best way.

Life is one … long … road trip. Your GPS (global positioning system) offers three route choices. Two routes take longer, are subject to traffic, and reroute you to another destination. But oh, the side stops are so alluring–great restaurants, bars, stores… So you ask someone who’s gone to that destination before. They answer you like this:

“Those first two options distract you from the destination with many “good” things that end up not being good at all. There’s a good chance your car will be ransacked each time you stop. And if you don’t stop, you run out of fuel and never get there. Make a conscious choice to pick option three. Learn to ignore the offers from the other two or any combination of the other two.”

The first route option is rebelliously self focused (driven by your own whims and desires). The second option is unending performance (leaving you feeling used and exhausted). The third option is to have God adopt you as a son. Number three is The Way.

What does it mean that Jesus is the way (John 14:6)?

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In the blogs that follow I’ll be writing about that third option, Jesus and His way as a heavenly blueprint of a son of God. Jesus was the first born son. You and I can acquire the same rights and privileges as a son to the degree that our one-ness with Him is grasped. Heaven wants you to do greater things than Jesus did, so heaven is completely behind you in this endeavor. I’m very much behind you. Are you behind you? If so, let’s go!

Prayer: Jesus, re-route me. I trade my current route and its perspectives for Your’s. I ask for the Spirit of adoption to help me. I want to learn to see what You are doing. Over and over again. I’m asking for Your help to look at myself and my life as You do. I want to see You, Jesus and the Father and what He’s doing. I know this requires surrender on my part to see things differently, to be different, and I ask to trade my old lenses for your new perspective. I want to know You as The Way so I might bear Your image as I navigate through my life. You are my blueprint.

It starts with you.

You surrender your old ways to see yourself as His chosen son/daughter.


For you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons, by whom we cry, “Abba! Father!” The Spirit himself bear witness with our spirit that we a re children of God. (Ro. 8:15).

Personal interaction: (1) You can meditate on the scripture above desiring it to come alive in you. Jesus is the Living Word and He’s in you and you’re in Him. This word is able to cut to the division of the thoughts and intentions or your heart. Now, in your mind’s eye see yourself kneeling at the cross in deep desire for the Spirit of adoption to come. Some people get cloaks there. Simple, plain, brown cloaks. If you get one, look inside. We’ve found treasure maps and designs and formulas. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never heard this before or have known Jesus for a very long time. Wait on the Spirit there at the cross. You can put on worship music, sing to Him, whatever you feel impressed to do. Wait until thoughts start to fill your mind or you’re hearing or seeing something in the spirit. You’re seeking the Spirit’s work in your heart that you will be alive with the knowing and working out of your sonship as Jesus did. He is the blueprint. You are no longer in bondage nor an orphan. The changes are made from the inside out.

Personal interaction: (2) Look at this picture below. See yourself in it somewhere. Enjoy what’s going on there. Ask others in the picture where Jesus is, etc. Enjoy!

Record and date what you get. Leave room for more in the future.