Identity & Authority

Your First Step to Restoring Regions

Course Overview

Why Restoring Regions is Important

Have you read the verse in the Bible that describes God appointing your time to live on the earth? It goes on to say that He even chose the boundaries of your habitation or where you are to live (Acts 17:26). God has been actively investing in man’s dominion of the land of earth since the Garden in Genesis. We see it through His many miraculous deeds performed to enable Israel to take the Promised Land. We see Him birthing a nation in one day at the end of WWII—Israel. The Bible, itself culminates in believers being fully sourced from the “city not made with human hands” that Abraham was sent out by God to search for—the New Jerusalem.

We surely need God to be acknowledged and glorified in every piece of land in the world today. And since man is assigned the task of bringing kingdom dominion into being, what exactly is our part? Would God really expect something of His sons and daughters without giving them a way to do it?

No, He wouldn’t. In this course you will learn the ways of using the long forgotten Biblical tool of creating a witness that will prove the true from the counterfeit.

Why it Starts with You

When the Jesus described what would happen to the disciples when the Holy Spirit came to earth and came upon them in Acts 1:8, He said you will be my witnesses, and described an expanding process that started first inside each one of them, then Jerusalem (a city), all Judea (a region), and Samaria, and even to the remotest parts of the earth.

This course will enable you to:

  • Create a portfolio of mental pictures and terms that provide an easy way of establishing language with the Holy Spirit.
  • Identify and practice being above your thoughts rather than being swirled about by them.
  • Interact with the Spirit of Adoption.
  • Identify five or more saints who established witnesses and why.
  • Explain what the marvelous privileges are of being “born again” and what they are not.
  • Identify what the formula is for a witness.
  • Participate in a heavenly court case for establishing you in the open-ended way of a born again witness.
  • Participate spiritually in the roles of spirit and bride.
  • Much more!

Take This Course From Home

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At least five times in the Old Testament someone established a witness that they might complete a destiny against great odds—a mark of dominion. We see the process again in the New Testament even to the point of the two witnesses in Revelation that wield great power into kingdom dominion. If these themes are pinging inside of you and you want to establish them personally in your life, this class is for you. 

I would prefer you ask God how much this class will be worth and donate that amount led by your conscience.  But if you are stuck there, I would suggest ten dollars per night or $40. 

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