God Restores...

How God Restores

God starts in our own hearts first, grounding our identity and authority. In time He recreates our relationships to flow together in community, giving and receiving. Ultimately, we walk out what we are designed to do–bring heaven to earth in the land.

God in Me

Restoring a region begins with you.

Step 1:

Identity & Authority

God With Me

Access the details of the DFW Ecclesia, an example.

Step 2:


God Through Me

Learn how God Restores a Region

Step 3:
Restoring a Region Basics

Our Story

We are not church as usual. Our desire is to support all those who desire to know God as who He defines Himself to be. To discover the heights, depths, and breadths of God and what He wants on the earth, through intimacy with Him is our goal. And from there, we will know who we are as “His sons” (as the Bible refers to us).

The Witness

The Witness is a set of strategies ordained by God to decipher the real witness of God from the many false ones. We live in confusing times. Many people use the words “God” and “Jesus” and quote the Bible coming to all sorts of conclusions. He said we would know by the fruit produced. The strategies of the witness produce true fruit of His super abundant kind.

Latest From Our Blog 

On Our Way to Zion

On Our Way to Zion

(Below find Hebrews 12:18-24 AMP. Note the fearfulness of the Old Covenant refe rence in v.18-21 vs. The Free Invitation to come up to Zion in the New Covenant v.22-24.) For you have not come [as did the Israelites in the wilderness] to a mountain that can be touched...

How Does “Organic” Ecclesia Work?

How Does “Organic” Ecclesia Work?

(There is no number before the title of this blog. Therefore, it is not part of a topic series. It stands alone.) We’ve all been trained to think with lots of “should” statements. When it comes to an ecclesia meeting, the thoughts we have that involve the word...

(2) His Ways in the Beginning, The Dominion Mandate

(2) His Ways in the Beginning, The Dominion Mandate

Original Intent and Design for us. Last time we examined our hearts that we might take on our true identity as beloved sons and daughters made to bear the image of our Creator, Father. We looked to Jesus as a blueprint of ways to embrace one-ness with Him and our...

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